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Fees and Payment Plan 2020

By AHC, 08/13/20, 11:45AM CDT


Fees and Payment Plan 2020

Dear Admirals Families,


Given the uncertainties of the current season, you are probably asking yourself the same question that many others have, “how will the Club handle team fees in light of the fact that there is no definitive start date to the season and how will they handle refunds in the event we have anything less than a full season?”


The Admirals Board of Directors have spent a significant amount of time discussing and considering these questions and developing a plan that we hope is fair to our families. Unlike other clubs, we feel that it would be unfair to ask you to pay full fees or elevated roster fees until the season is better defined. As we are seeing with our children's academic schedule as well as the sports across all ages and levels; we are in an ever-changing environment.


Fees for the season will be divided into two parts. The first fee is for team practices and skills development which will be scheduled 2-3X/week. This fee will be divided monthly over 6 months (September-February). Please be aware that if you are certified on a roster, this fee is non-refundable unless governing agencies or our rinks prohibit us from practices or unless covered by our injury policy. Upon being placed on a roster you are committed to that team for the duration of the "fall season". Additional monthly fees may be required if the season is extended beyond February. The second fee will be instituted when our leagues (CUHL, NIHL, NWHL) determine that games can be played. The exact amount of this fee will be determined when our leagues communicate the length of the season (with a full season, this fee added to the practice fee should not be greater than the original stated fees)

Using the format of stated above we feel that this will give us more flexibility to adjust as guidelines as phases change within our community over the course of the season. It is our goal to ensure that we are only taking in expenses for the ice time and overhead charges that we use. In the event of a stoppage or the start of the season we should be able to adapt on the fly and keep a current flow of communication. In the event we have to stop skating or have a limited head count within our rinks we will work as a board to make sure that unused funds are returned.


We will continue to keep information fresh and up to date as we navigate through this season.

Stay safe and we will see you all at the rink soon!!


Blake Rowley