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Team Managers

The Registration "Team Managers" is not currently available.

Team Managers

     Team managers are the backbone of every team.  They are responsible for a long list of duties and are the main source of communication within the team.  While being a manager is a lot of work, it can also be rewarding and fun.  You are an important part of the team and you will get to know the parents, coaches and kids very quickly.

     Managers are required to set up tournaments,  go to scheduling meetings, prepare score sheets,  delegate parents to run the clock and keep score during home games, input game scores into the appropriate website (NIHL, NWHL), award player patches and keep the team up to date with their schedule.

    In addition to the above listed duties, managers also act as a liaison between parents and coaches at times, help with any locker room issues, help keep track of player attendance and plan any team activities/parties.  

     Managers are also required to register with USA hockey, complete the USA Hockey Safe Sport online module and have a full background check.   

   If you have any questions regarding manager responsibilities or how to become a manager, please contact Scott Johnson.

     Let's Go Admirals!


Here are the steps that are required this year for them to manage a team (this info is also outlined in the Manager Registration form):

To register as a Manager for this season:

A) Register with USA Hockey as a Manager/Volunteer for the 2021-22 season to obtain your USAH confirmation number. If you registered with USA Hockey on or after April 1, 2021, then your confirmation number is still valid. If you need to register or look up your confirmation number, click here. There is no cost for the Manager/Volunteer USA Hockey registration.

B) Complete registration with the Admirals Hockey Club. Click the Continue button at the bottom of each page. You must complete this form prior to being added to the roster or performing any Manager responsibilities for the 2021-22 season.

C) Review the full set of USA Hockey requirements that you must comply with in order to be a Manager. 

  • USAH SafeSport Training - Online modules must be completed every two years. Information and registration is online. New for this year: the online training must be completed prior to performing any responsibilities as a Manager. You cannot be added to a team roster until the SafeSport training is completed.


USA Hockey Safe Sport Module

For new managers, and returning managers, you are required to complete USA Hockey's Safe Sport online module by Sept. 10th.  Managers that are up for renewal, (you must complete the renewal every other year) please complete the refresher course ASAP or you will have to retake the 2 hour course again.

Team Manager Meeting 9/14/2021

If you missed the team manager meeting on Tuesday, 9/14 you can catch up via the record link below.  

Team Manager Meeting recording

Click on link & then download to view the meeting.


DO NOT EVER ADD/DELETE ANY GAME, PRACTICE OR SCRIMMAGE TO YOUR CALENDAR!  ALL ICE GOES THROUGH ABBIE McDONALD!  Any manager that adds/removes any ice time (Home or Away) could be fined the cost of the ice ($650)

     All Admirals teams will be using the sports engine app, ngin, to manage our teams.  This app is connected to our website, so you do not have to enter in any games or practices, it's already there!  To add or delete any games or practices or scrimmages, please go through Abbie McDonald.  Your players will be able to mark their availability and communicate with each other.   It's so easy!

Sports Engine AP Instructions

24 Hour Rule

Each year 2.5 million people volunteer their time to help coach kids.  These coaches are the vehicle that provide organized youth athletics an existence. As parents we will not always agree with a coaches decision.  However, it is important to recognize that the coaches role is to make decisions for the team first and a player second. Often, we tend to recognize the coaching staffs’ decisions through our player first and the team second. Also, we need to understand that most players are not aware of any problem until we, as parents, bring it to their attention.

Many sports throughout the United States have adopted the 24 Hour rule in an effort to address significant concerns, while attempting to remove the emotional concerns, particularly in the presence of the youth athlete.

The Admirals Hockey Club subscribes to the 24 Hour Rule.

Briefly, this means that parents are not to discuss any “negative” game situation with the coaching and management staff until at least 24 hours have passed from the completion of the game. At this point, if the issue remains a concern, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. The parent will contact the team manager and schedule a meeting with the team manager that will be documented.
  2. The team manager will discuss the area of concern with the coaching staff and obtain a documented, consensus, recommendation.
  3. The team manager, the coach or the coaches representative, as directed by the coach, will respond to the issue of concern to the parent.
  4. If the parent feels that the issue of concern remains and has not been appropriately addressed, the parent may schedule a meeting with the Admirals Rule and Ethics Chair or Coaching Director.

Violation of the 24 Hour Rule will be addressed as Zero Tolerance by the Rules and Ethics Committee and will result in a 30 day suspension.

Please respect the significance of the 24 Hour Rule Policy. If we honor this concept, concerns will be moved away from an audience with our children, a possible ill-timed discussion, and issues will be viewed in the proper perspective.

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